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ILP Child 18 wants to buy Car 
Child in DFCS custody just turned 18 and wants to stay in foster care and go to school.  Child has $50,000.00 in restricted funds and wants to buy a car and get car insurance.  Accounting estimated that using the restricted funds for the next three years will leave a balance of around $20,000.00.   Can the child buy a car with their restricted funds? 
Refer to DFCS Driving Policy for ILP.  The county should maintain documentation in case record verifying the following: 
  1. Youth has received permission to drive via waiver from Social Services Director.
  2. Youth has valid Georgia driver’s license
  3. Youth has proof of insurance
  4. Youth has signed a Form 11 ‘Acknowledgement of DFCS Driving Policy’ releasing the agency from any liability related to damages incurred as a result of operating a motorized vehicle.

Since the child could decide at any time that she wants to leave care and request her money.  It would be allowable to purchase a car and car insurance.  The check should be made out to both the client and the car dealer.  That way there is some control over the money and the client has to sign over the check to the car dealer.  The car title should be in the client’s name.  Car insurance could be paid directly to the insurance company for the client.