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Links to the COSTAR manual are Indexed by Program Numbers, clicking on them will take you to a list of all program numbers. Select the program number(s) you are interested in by clicking on it & go to the detailed description with any/all available entitlement codes.

3000 - COSTAR
3001 - Family Foster Care Programs
3002 - RBWO (Room, Board, and Watchful Oversight) Foster Care
          Contracted Provider’s Payment Processes, SOP16-04A
          FY2019 RBWO Rates
          Non-Contracted Provider’s Payment Processes, SOP16-04B
3003 - Relative Care Programs
3004 - Adoptions Programs
3005 - ILP
3006 - Support Services Programs
          Drug Screen Providers List FY2020
          Delivered Services Providers List FY2020
          Resource Development Event Purchase Form
3007 - OFI and Other Support Programs
          SNAP Invoice (519,549,559,569,589)
3008 - Child Care Programs
3009 - Obsolete Programs
3100 - Provider List with Rate
CPA Providers, July 2017
CCI Providers, July 2017
3200 - Programs with Entitlement Codes
3300 - UAS Programs Codes
3350 - UAS Program Codes Funding
3400 - Entitlement Codes
3500 - Child Care Codes